Wild Salmon Caravan Volunteer Info

Call for Volunteers

The Wild Salmon Caravan is a grassroots led project of the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty. We are calling on volunteers to help with one or more of the following tasks at the launch of the Wild Salmon Caravan in Vancouver. If you are willing and able, please fill out this form below with a brief description of your relevant skills and availability on October 7, 2017 anytime between 7 am til 6 pm.

Wild Salmon will LOVE you for it!

Site Logistics Volunteer Roles Needed

  1. Site set-up and clean-up
  2. Elders care
  3. Drivers
  4. Green room assistance – (Friendship Centre and Trout Lake)

Background Information

The intention of the Wild Salmon Caravan is to nurture the creative energy that wild salmon have inspired through the ages, and affirm inter-tribal relationships that are the foundation of Indigenous trade and fisheries knowledge systems. The collaboration and creative energy will serve to educate, inform, and transform the darkness surrounding the industrial storm that is endangering wild salmon. Ancient ceremonies and songs of Indigenous peoples, as well as creative expressions of visual and performing arts, will call the wild salmon home to the rivers, lakes, and streams of the Fraser Basin and Salish Sea corridor where they play out their lives in birth and death.

In a similar spirit as the world renowned Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, we invite individuals, artists, coalitions, food systems networks, and communities from all ages, creeds and cultures to come out in colourful and creative expressions of our love for wild salmon at one or more of the community events we are planning from the Salish Seas in Vancouver to Secwepemcul’ecw in Chase, during the week of October 7 – 12, 2017.

Visit our page for more detailed travel itinerary.

For more detailed information use this form to contact Melpetkwe Matthew:






If you would like to share this callout you can download it here:
WSC Volunteers callout Sept 19. 2017